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Easily convert your dental treatment rooms to negative air pressure rooms.

Easy installation. No external construction required.

First line of defence should be ventilation before PPE.


Air-borne diseases require monitored ventilation

Meets current CDC negative pressure room requirements


For AGPs (aerosol generating procedures)

Control spread of air-borne diseases with proper air flow.


Establish correct direction of air pattern.

The gold standard for infection control


Easy installation. No external construction required.

Convert Dental treatment rooms to Negative Isolation Rooms.

Easily Contain and Filter Dental Aerosols

Dentistry is classified in the very risk category of occupations involved with aerosol production. Bio aerosols are the suspension of liquid or solid particles containing viruses, bacteria, fungi, saliva, teeth particles, saliva, toxins, restorative particles.

Aerosols cause particles to travel across far greater distances, suspended in the air, long after the person who has emitted them has left and thus can infect the dental team and contaminate surfaces.

Dental aerosol as an infection vector has been totally ignored until modern hygienic concerns have given air cleaners a new and expanded role in dental applications. The purpose of today’s dental office air filtration is to provide patients, and the dental team with a high degree of protection from airborne microorganisms that can cause disease. Protect Air provides affordable negative air solutions and allows dental offices to easily convert existing rooms to isolation rooms and create a safe environment for everyone.

Our Products

Advanced Air Filtration Systems.


Negative Air 350 CFM

PROTECTair Pro Plus

Negative Air 650 CFM

Upper Room UVGI


PROTECTair Scrub

UV Air Purifier

PROTECTair Xtract

Aerosol Extraction

ProtectAir Edge

Air Purifier

Who we are?

Protectair is a proudly Canadian owned and operated company. We’re a team of healthcare professionals joining hands to provide clean air solutions to professionals such as dentists, surgeons, workplace environments, and the general public. We have over 50 years of combined experience in medical professions inclusive of dentistry, surgery, medical equipment manufacturing & more.

Our product lines include negative air filtration systems, air purifiers, upper room UVGI, UV air purifiers and masks. Our passion lies in ensuring the health and safety of our community while minimizing our carbon footprint.

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